Love takes many forms. Ask those around you and you will get as many different answers as people you ask. Love is everywhere around us and can be in everything we say and do. Love is in big statements as well as in small gestures. Love can be a feeling, an action and a memory. Love offers us hope, compassion and passion. Love is there for us all to give and receive. Love is to be shared. We are all born to love. Everybody deserves to feel loved.

For me Love is so many things that it is actually life itself – it makes us feel alive, it makes us strive and if we truly live our lives with love, we will eventually find peace and happiness.

So in order for me to find my true happiness, I have lovingly set out to create products that help people to feel loved. I want my products to have the greatest intentions, OR I have made my products with the greatest intentions to be made with love, to be good for the body and the soul, to make you smile, to bring joy into your home, and to be that something special when life gets busy or to give as a gift to those you love and care about.

I am determined to live my life with love; I hope you are too…

Jenny Chan


All of our products are made with love for you, your family and your home.

  • With Intention

    • All Love products are made with good intentions and for good honest purposes. Love products must be good for you, your family and your home. They are designed to make you feel good about yourself, your life and the world around you.

  • Naturally Good

    • All Love formulations are as natural as we can make them. We use natural plant based ingredients sourced from natural and sustainable resources. Our active ingredients are genuine and are actually good for you and your skin.

  • No Nasties

    • We have made every effort possible to remove ingredients that are harmful for our bodies and for the environment. Our Love products are not tested on animals and our bottles are re-usable and recyclable.

  • Beautiful and Sophisticated

    • It is important that our Love products are not only genuinely good for you but they must also look good. Our beautiful, sophisticated packaging with subtle text are purposely designed to compliment any décor. We also provide gift boxes to make gifting among your loved ones extra special.

  • For Everyone and Everyday

    • We want to share LOVE with the world. Our love products can be enjoyed by everyone – Man, Woman and Child. Everybody should experience a bit of luxury every day.


Love is Natural. Love is Happiness. Love is Hope. Love is Freedom. Love is Acceptance. Love is an Experience. Love is Intimacy. Love is Acceptance. Love is Letting Go. Love is Understanding. Love is Emotions. Love is Appreciation. Love is Trust. Love is Laughter. Love is Caring. Love is taking care of each other. Love is Kindness. Love is not giving up. Love is giving. Love is Fun. Love is Courage. Love is Beautiful. Love is Honesty. Love is Pure. Love is Passion. Love is Commitment. Love is Unconditional. Love is Action. Love is Affection. Love is a Blessing. Love is Pleasure. Love is Everywhere. Love is LOVE

What does Love mean to you?

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